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Engineering and Permitting / Surveys and Installation


Surveys are always a great idea prior to ordering any signage. Surveys can confirm measurements, check electrical components, and avoid any unforeseen issues in fabricating the sign of your dreams or repairing one that’s existing. Our survey teams are prepared to check every little detail required to be sure you get not only the attention you deserve, but to ensure you look your best too!

Engineering and Permitting:

Any permanent Sign or Design element should legally be permitted prior to installation. Next Day Signs helps you prepare accordingly. We will do the research required, gather the necessary documents, provide the required shop drawings and attachment details, and submit and obtain these as needed. We are the one stop shop you’ve been looking for!


Next Day Signs has several installation crews that handle the simplest of installations to the most difficult. We can apply the hours to your front door, hook up an electrical lighted structure, set poles, pour the concrete, and even repel off very high buildings. From step stools to bucket trucks, whatever it takes to get your signage up and secure, you can count on us!

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